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Wood is a natural product that provides a unique flooring option that only mother nature can create. There are hundreds of styles of hardwood flooring to choose from. PCI has a wide variety of hardwood finishes, wood types, hardness and looks. Visit our hardwood flooring department at our PCI showroom to see how we can help you with your hardwood flooring project. 
When selecting hardwood flooring, it is important to consider the following factors: 
Wood Species: each has different levels of hardness and looks 
Hardwood Construction: solid or engineered 
Wood Thickness: traditional wood is ¾ but other thicknesses are available. 
Wood Finish Options: job site finished or pre-finished. 
Hardwood Installation Methods: nailed, floated or glued. 

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Carpet is the most popular and economical choice of flooring for any home. It is soft, quiet and with today’s technology it is even more stylish then ever. 
 If carpet is a possibility in your home, then you've come to the right place with the right people. At PCI, we have one of the largest selections of carpets in Akron, on our showroom floor. 
 Our experienced and professional flooring staff will help you find the carpet that is right for you and your lifestyle. They will assist you with picking the right carpet pad and help setup carpet installation. 
 When choosing carpet for your home it is as important to consider the quality as it is the style and color. To judge the construction and durability of carpet it is important to consider the type of fiber, twist, pile density and backing. 
 Carpet cushion is also very important. Cushion is there to absorb foot traffic pressure which creates a softer walk as well as maximizing the durability, comfort and beauty retention of your carpet.
We believe you should choose a cushion that is firm, dense and resilient. At PCI we offer a variety of cushions to fit your needs. Our sales assistants can help educate you on which cushion would be best for your needs. 

Tile flooring is one of the fastest growing categories of flooring in America even though it has been around for years. It’s durability and distinct styling are unmatched in any other flooring category. Because each piece of tile is laid individually of another each floor can be a custom work of art specially designed for your home.PCI offers tile flooring options to customers in and around the Akron and Canton areas. 
There are three basic types of tile 
Glaze tile, porcelain tile & quarry tile. 
Tile is installed over a solid sub-floor depending upon the conditions of the home and is laid in a mortar bed. Once installed a grout is placed between the tiles. Grout comes in a wide variety of colors to match the tile to your taste. The width of the grout can vary per type of tile being used and should be sealed after curing to provide for long-term stain resistance and easy maintenance. 

Vinyl flooring, also know as resilient flooring due to the amount of "give" or elasticity in the material, began as linoleum flooring and has been a increasingly popular choice over the years. Visit us to see how we can help you with your vinyl flooring project. 
In the last several years improvements in durability and styling have created a revitalization of this flooring category. It allows a wide array of stylish options at a very affordable price point. It is a great choice for active families and provides for easy maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a great option in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. 
There are 2 types of vinyl flooring to consider 
Sheet Vinyl Flooring 
Sheet vinyl is the more traditional type of vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is softer and warmer underfoot than ceramic tile or natural stone. Sheet vinyl is available in a wide variety of styles and color options, ranging from color patterns to obtaining the look of wood, tile and stone. 
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring 
LVT maintains all the comfort, durability and easy maintenance of traditional sheet vinyl but allows limitless design and pattern options. By combining tiles of various color, texture and styles, you can create a room that reflects your personality. LVT is available in color patterns as well as styles that achive the look of wood, tile or stone. It is also much easier to replace worn or damaged areas of the floor.